Epic: Review and Giveaway

I did not received any compensation aside from a copy of the movie for review purposes.  All words and opinions are my own

Yes, oh yes, do I have a nice little giveaway for you, but before that let me update you a bit on what has been going on around here.

We moved.  Yes, we are officially residents of Texas.  We are still trying to sell our lovely home in VA, (crossing fingers!) and unpacking like crazy.  Unpacking can seem like such an unending task, especially moving from such a large home/property to an apartment (our temporary home until we find the house of our dreams.)  So you can just imagine how crazy our lives have been, that and getting the kids ready for school and making sure they are safe.  (More on that later.)  The important thing is that they started school Monday and they are loving it.  I'm still a bit nervous, but I know the school (and us) have done everything possible to keep my little guy safe from having any anaphalactic reactions to food that may harm him. 

So on to that review shall we.

Have you seen the movie Epic yet?  Oh boy, we did when it first came out in theaters and the kids and I loved it!  And then again before the release of the movie on DVD/Blue Ray.  We fell in love with it all over again! 

It's the perfect family movie.  There's plenty of action for the boys in the family, silliness to keep you laughing, and a whole lot of awesome girl power.  I like it when females are portrayed as strong and independent.  Which is the case of the main character, the forest Queen, and the young flower.  All portrayed strong willed, yet feminine.  If you look closely at some of the battle scenes you can also see some female warriors (now that is cool!  Not that I like war or anything of the sort.  But the truth is there are women warriors.  Just think of our military.)  Exactly the types of movies I like to show my kids.  I also like that, although it is a fantasy, the ending is a bit unexpected (and somewhat realistic.)   

Needless to say you need to get your hands on that movie!

What was that?  What about that giveaway?  Well, that's right.  If you would like to win a DVD/Blue Ray combo courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment, leave a comment telling me what values do you instill in your child to raise her to be a strong independent female and if you have a boy to teach them to respect females? That's it! One comment please.  Make sure to include your name and an email address where I can contact you with.  Giveaway closes on Friday midnight.  Winner will be announced Monday Morning.

On the meantime how about a fun games for your little one?

Epic Bird Race (who can make the fastest folding bird?)
Can You Match That (Epic matching game)

Good luck!