Pom Pom Friends (Kids Craft)

Oh it's a rainy day.  

The skies are covered in clouds.  The drip drip drip sound everywhere.  Happy trees and happy plants (and happy me...the pollen is being washed away.) But lots of rain also means that little ones are stuck in doors.  

Yes, it is the kind of day where lots of crafting goes on around here.  

The kind of days where the craft closet opens and closes a gazillion times.  The kind of day where the craft room gets messier than the usual.  The kind of day where creativity (sometimes with Mami's help) floats through the air.

So I  thought what better than to share a fun and easy craft to keep your little one's hands busy on such a day.

I remember making these as a child.  Do you?  No?  Well, here you go then.

What you need:

*Pom Pom balls
*googly eyes

How to make:

Begin by cutting small hearts out of the felt.  This will become the base (feet) of the pom pom friends.  Then glue the base on to the bottom of the pompom.  Next, glue the googly eyes and finally add a little touch with a feather on top, or make a cute little hat out of felt.  That's it!  Didn't I tell you it was easy?!

Make one.

Or make a whole lot of friends!

What ever you choose have fun with it.  My little ones after making a lot of them decided to also make them a home out of old shoe boxes, and furniture out of recycled materials. 

It would also be a sweet mother's day gift.  Have them create out of pom poms  each member of the family, place them on top of a stand (or in a jar upside down) and write sweet words to mom.  I'm sure she would love it! 

Happy Crafting!