DIY: Easter Wreath & Friends

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A little bit of festive decorating was needed around our home.  Like the past few months, my life has been moving a bit slow, including in the making and decorating department.  Which is why I didn't make this wreath until this past weekend, and didn't post about it until, well, today.  But I say it is better late then never!  Right? Ha!  Just agree with me, won't ya?


As I was saying, I needed a bit more festive decorating.  Especially something to hang next to the front door.  

I had bought a bunch of glittered eggs last year on clearance and was holding on to them for the perfect project.  Then a couple of weeks ago while shopping at my currently favorite goodwill shop I found a twig wreath with cheap Halloween decorations on it and bought it for-like-nothing.

When I got home I pulled off those ugly Halloween decorations and had on my hands a nice twig wreath to work on.  A clean slate, a fresh start...but for much much later.  (Moving slow remember?)

Okay okay now, back to the wreath making.  It's pretty simple.
What you need:
* Plastic, foam, paper, what-ever-you-like, eggs. 
* Wood springy animal pieces. (I got mine from the dollar section at Target.)
* Small accent fabric flowers.  (You can make them like I usually do, but this time I also picked them up in the dollar section at Target.) 
* Piece of tulle or ribbon.
* Glue gun & glue sticks.

How to make it:

Begin by gluing the eggs randomly onto the wreath.  If you have varying sizes of eggs then I suggest you begin by gluing the larger eggs randomly around the wreath first.  Then the next size. Finally, using the smaller size to cover all the remaining gaps.  

I had also thought of painting my wreath a pretty yellow or a soft pink, but the rain outside didn't really help, so I opted not to...or you probably wouldn't be reading this post right now had I waited for the rain to pass, and then the unexpected snow to melt.  Yup that's life in VA.  

Once you finish gluing all the eggs you can add the wood animal pieces.  Or you can leave it as is.  I chose to add some springy friends.

Because my wood pieces where originally meant for hanging they had a tiny hole, I covered them up by gluing small fabric flowers.

Finally, add a pretty bow or make one out of tulle.

I'm still not sure I like the tulle bow, I might change it.  What do you think?  Hum.  

That's it!  Nice and simple.

Hang and...

Happy Easter!

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