Curious Goerge ­® Swings into Spring: Movie Review

Okay, you all know we love that curious little monkey named George, around here.  He's definitely curious and full of wonder.  My kids love him, I love him, who doesn't love him?! 

I'm super excited a new DVD movie releases today, March 12th:  Curious George ® Swings into Spring.

What a cute movie.  My kids (5 & 7 years old) sat through out the entire movie.  They really enjoyed how George tried to get his friend Hundley (a dog) to get spring fever.  Through out many trials and misses, Hundley finally finds it in the least expected place. 

This is definitely a movie I recommend.  Fun for the entire family.  We watched it during movie night, with popcorn in hand.  Yum.  And my littlest one just announced she wants to watch it again for the next movie night.  Now that says a lot. 

A perfect movie that teaches perseverance- George never gave up in helping his friend Hundley find the spirit of spring fever, nature awareness- a city dog in the country, seasons- spring, and competition and fairness- both through the apartment bellman spring cleaning competition and through the organization of the hot air balloons.

You can purchase the movie just about anywhere.  I've seen it advertised at Target and other major retail stores.  You can also purchase it online.   

Here are a few fun clips from the movie. Enjoy: 

Fly Your Kite

When It's All Brand New

Disclaimer:  I received a DVD movie from H & M Communications for review, that's it.  All opinions are %100 my own. 

Wishing you a great week!