Chalk Decorated Cascarones (Eggs)

Every year I will save eggshells for weeks.  Once we collect enough, on the day before Easter, the kids and I (and whom ever else is around) decorate them, fill them with confetti, cover them, and wait anxiously until the next day when we can hide. find. and smash! This is a little tradition I grew up with and have incorporated into our little family's traditions

This year I decided I wanted to try something a bit different.  Decorate them by myself.   It was wonderful sitting all alone in my art studio figuring out how I was to decorate them.  No kids around, no paints splashing all over the place, no eggs crushing...peace.  I started with washi tape and although I liked the outcome, I wanted something simpler.  

I searched around and found my chalk pens.  Hm?  Why not?

Oh I love them!  The contrast between the natural brown tones of the organic egg shells and the white chalk is just beautiful, soothing even. 

A dozen.  That's what I allowed my self to decorate.  After all, I can't be a meany and break tradition by decorating them all by myself.  No. So two dozen more await for the little ones to decorate on Saturday.  I'm sure they'll be happy about it.  Yes they will.

Happy Easter!