Valentine's Day Kids Craft: Lollipop Heart Cozies

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Four more days to Valentines.  Yikes!  Do you have cards and goodies ready for your little one's class?  Do you buy them or do you make them?  We like to make ours.  This year for the Christian Formation class I teach on Wednesdays I decided to make these Lollipop Heart Cozies.  Aren't they cute?  I made them by combining ideas from from  here and here and a bit of my own creativeness.  They are so easy to make your little ones can make them too!

They really are simple to make, and you know I love simple projects.

Materials you will need:

To make:
Cut out many hearts using craft paper.  I used scraps.  If you don't have any crafting paper you can also use wrapping paper, a paper bag or even plain white paper and have the kids decorate them.

Glue the edge of the hearts together leaving a little pocket (big enough to fit the lollipop) at the bottom.  Let it dry for a while.  When you feel it is dry enough insert the lollipop and glue the remainder of the heart together (for this part you may need to hold on to the heart and lollipop until the glue sets a bit.)

Finally with a piece of washi tape make the leaves.    Add the name of each of the kids and listo!

Ready to spread the love!

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Happy love day crafting!