Did you have any trastesitos de barro when you were little?  These were mine.  I took them out for them to play with the other day.  They loved them. 

Looking at them brought back so many beautiful memories.

Memories of my carefree childhood days.  Memories of my abuelita, Mama Lisa (because she considered her self too young to be called abuela.)  Memories of warm summer days spent by the beach tasting the sweet warm salt in the air.  Memories of Christmases filled with piñatas, villancicos, ponche and lots of familia.  Memories of a younger sister and I, dressed alike pretending to be twins (she's a fair skin redhead, I'm not.)  Memories of tias and tios, primas and primos.  Memories of long trips across the Mexican country side and the clickity clack sound of a train rocking me to sleep.  Memories.  Beautiful, wonderful, memories that I don't ever want to forget.

Happy Thursday.  May your memories live on.