Time for Me, Time for Them

Time for me...

Time for them...

It's a balancing game this motherhood thing.  It is.  Though many times the scale leans towards them, I need to take moments, some smaller than others, but moments non the less, for me.  Moments to breath, moments to recollect my thoughts, moments to find peace, moments to spend with friends. 

This weekend I did just that.  Spent a beautiful cool evening with mama friends chatting, laughing and enjoying the view at a local restaurant overlooking the river.  Time for me. 

The next day my chiquitos and I took a nature walk with friends, through one of our favorite parks. Time for them.  

I love my chiquitos with all my heart, but to be a better mother to them, I need to find that balance.

What about you?  What do you do to keep a balance?