Monday Randomness

Isn't funny when you are looking forward to something and can't wait to do it, but then when it is there in front of you, for what ever reason you don't?  That's the story of my life (for the most part.)  Lots of wants, lots of plans and not much time to do them.  So this morning, a beautiful cloudy morning, I decided to step out to the front porch with coffee on hand and sit on my not so new bistro set.  Something I had been planning for years!  You see, since the first day I saw our house I fell in love with its lovely front porch.  I totally pictured myself sitting there enjoying my coffee.  Forward 9 years later and a constant search for the perfect bistro set, I finally found one.  Mid summer.  The perfect one, just like I had envisioned it.  Only problem?  I've only sat on the lovely cushioned chair- once! 

So this morning while the kids were watching some t.v. I escaped for a few minutes and walked out to my front porch with coffee and sat there...just watching...and listening...to the birds chirping, the squirrels running up and down the trees, and the light drip drop of the scattered rain.  Still for a moment. A simple little moment of enjoyment. A moment for me.  

Then I came in and the doing began once more...

Sprucing up my son's art shirt/smock for school.  I used the same technique as the wearable art shirts (tutorial here).  On this shirt though, I also added some puffy paint.  When done I'll write his name below the scary (not!) alien to help my son find his art shirt in class with ease. 

Other randomness:

I'm in love with the sweet lemony flavor of this herbal honey with a hint of thyme.  Perfect in our tea.

Cutting more herbs to dry and freeze.  Yea, that is the fist time I'll be freezing basil.  A couple of days ago while at Trader Joe's I came across basil in the frozen isle.  Well, I can totally do that!  Can't believe I never thought of it before.  All you need to do is puree the basil and put it in tiny ice cube trays.  Pop them out after frozen and place them in a container to use later.  

While cutting around my herb garden I also came across these lovely little flowers.  Can you guess what plant they are from?


Chives!  I know, pretty right?  I had never let my chives bloom.  This year I decided to let them and I love them.  I made sure to cut them all before they drop their seed though, I don't need more chives growing than what we already get (and that is a lot!)

I got the kids a game of Gobblet Gobblers, it is so much fun to play! We've spent hours playing the other day.  Imagine tic-tack-toe but with a twist:  You get to gobble up pieces! 

She's good!

The other night my chiquita came in to the kitchen and announced she had made lots of headbands.  One for me and her friends.

How do I look?

Wishing you a great start to your week!