Cool Shoes for School: (DIY) Spruce Up Your Plain Converse

I had been searching for some really cool graphic Converse (or similar style) shoes for my son.  They have some great ones out there, but most of them are also greatly expensive. I then decided that we needed to make his own totally cool shoes.

We started off by buying some plain gray and white Converse at Target.  And went... 

This is the easiest and simplest change you can make to any pair of plain shoes.

What you'll need:
* Fluorescent  shoelaces
* Dimensional fluorescent fabric paint (I used Tulip brand.)

What you need to do:

Begin by changing the she laces.  My son opted for a bright fluorescent green.  Just doing this changes the look. In fact, he ended up wearing them this way for a while until I bought the fabric paints we needed to finish up the project.

Now lets use that puffy paint! (I'm so used to calling it that.  Do you? Now-a-days it is called dimensional paint, fancy for "puffy." Ha!)

Using blue and glow-in-the-dark white, I began to make lines inside the star, alternating colors.  Make sure to be very careful because the paint can pour out a lot.  If I made a mistake I used a piece of cloth and a pencil to dab it off. Once done, let the paint dry for at least 24 hours.
That's it!

But you don't need to stop there.  Be creative.  You can draw pictures, write words, what ever your imagination comes up with.  The point is to make those shoes your own (or in this case my son's.  He did choose all the colors after all.) 

Have fun being creative!