The Lorax: Review & Giveaway

It is amazing to me that even though we own many (and I mean many) Dr. Seuss' books, we do not own The Lorax.  How is that even possible?  If you think that's bad, when the movie came out in theaters I had plans to take the kids.  It never happened.  Sad, I know.  Then I received an email asking if I wanted to review the movie.  Well...YEA! 

Oh am I glad we did.  I loved the movie, the kids loved the movie, we all LOVED the movie!  It arrived at the most perfect time too, the day before we headed out on our one week vacation on a lovely resort up in the mountains.  Two mamas and four kids.  Yup, I sure took that DVD with us.  It came out on one of those night when the kids had had enough and so had we (to be honest).  We popped some popcorn and hit play.

The original intent was for the kids to watch it while we caught up on some vacation planing and a bit of relaxation without the kids driving us crazy, but both my friend an I ended up watching the movie along with the kids.  Keeping away from that screen was hard.  The story is a beautiful one, the message even better. 

A kid with big dreams (and not a very nice family) begins to cut tree after tree.  Driven by ambition and push of his selfish family he then clears every single tree.  All gone.  In the mean time the Lorax, a cute big mustached creature, appears to him when he cuts the first tree warning him and reminding him of the importance of keeping the trees alive. The Lorax's warning and tricks don't seem to work.  Finally, after all the trees are cut, the Lorax and all the animals leave to find a new home.  Then other things begin to happen and there is a turn of events.  But I won't tell the rest, because then how fun would it be if I shared with you the entire movie? A must see really.

What was that?  You want to see it now?  I don't blame you. 

Well here is a chance for you to win one of two The Lorax DVDs and activity bags, with some fun kits included.  How fun is that?!

 DVD/ Blue-Ray includes three fun mini movies.

Gift bag includes:
 - 2 grocery bags (a large one for mama, and a small one for kiddos)
 - 2 pencils
 - 2 sticker sheets
 - 3 activity sheets with mazes, cut out mustache, and more!
 - 1 beach ball

 Contest Rules:

To win please leave a comment sharing with me what are the things you and your family do to make this world we live in bit greener.  Make sure to include your name and email address so I can contact you as soon as possible. Only one comment per person.  If you make a mistake make sure to delete previous entry.  

Contest ends this Wednesday August 15th midnight Eastern Time!  Winners will be announced this Thursday August 16th. 
That means only two days to pass the word around.  So what are you waiting for?!!  Tell your friends, tell your family.  Share. Share. Share!

¡Buena Suerte!

Disclosure:  I was sent a DVD/Blue-Ray and gift bag for review from H + M Communications.  That's it.  All  comments, thoughts and experiences are my own.