Our Summer Through Instagram

I can't believe summer is just about over.  Only a few more days and my little guy is off to first grade.  First Grade!  Summer seemed to slip by so quickly.  In a blink of an eye our summer began and ended.  I can't complain though, aside from the problems I had with this lovely space of mine, we had a great summer.  Filled with warm days full of activities, vacations and lazy days around the house.   And so with that, here I share with you our summer through Instagram. (you can follow me at lisarenata)


This summer we:
- relaxed on the hammock and  enjoyed our new pool when ever home.
- celebrated the little ones birthdays with a pirates and mermaids theme pool party.  Lots of prepping and making went into it.  It was fun.  (A future post to come.)
- spent the fourth of July at grandpa's farm, exploring, learning and moving slowly.
- enjoyed the fruits of our edible garden, which sadly didn't do so well this year. But the chiles did and they keep on coming.  
-  picnicked outdoors as often as possible.
- ran around between piano lessons, swimming lessons and baseball practice/games. 
- ate out more than I though possible. 
- enjoyed ice cream...a lot!
- celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by the two of us escaping to a local lovely island and watched my first eastern sunrise on the beach.  It was breathtaking and romantic.
- got new hair cuts.  She insisted on having her hair short just like mami, so I obliged.  She looks beautiful.
- discovered local bistros and coffee shops.
- spent a week with a friend and her kids in the lovely Massanutten Resort up in mountains.  Two mamas and four kids sure makes for an adventurous vacation.  We survived (and so did the kids.)
- drove through our first safari ever.  It was so much fun!
- enjoyed lazy days indoors.
- squeezes some sewing and crafting here and there.
- visited the lovely city of Indianapolis for the first time.  Fell in love with it.  Very clean and artsy.
- took the kids to their first baseball game.  
- found little "me" moments when ever I could.

Yes, a lovely summer indeed.

How was yours?