Finally... I am Back!

Yes I am!  It has been well over a month since I had been having trouble with some suppose malware on my site.  Definitely annoying, especially not being able to figure things out on my own.  I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but I have never taken any web design classes.  I have learned it all on my own, as I go.  I usually can figure things out, but this time after several attempts at clearing my site from said malware I was stuck.  Luckily a friend of our was able to help me out and get this lovely space of mine (that I've missed so much) cleared of anything that may have been (but wasn't) malicious. 

So I am officially back.  I have so much to share with you plus a bit late review and giveaway I have for you.  So come on back Monday and check it out.  And yes, please do not be afraid to visit my lovely site, it all has been cleared.  

Happy to be back, happy to share, and happy to read your lovely comments.