Madres de Oro (Golden Moms)


I'm pretty sure if you've been following my twitts and visit regularly Sabor a Cajeta's Facebook page, that you've seen me talk about my excitement for writing for Terra.Com in their section Madres de Oro.  In Español, of course.  (Don't worry if you can't read Spanish, Dariela one of the Madres de Oro bloggers writes her columns in English.)

For sixteen weeks you can read about  my (and other lovely bloggera's) experience of raising the champions of tomorrow.  That's right, it all begins at home.  How we raise our little ones will dictate (for the most part) how they grow up to be, and as mama's aren't we looking to raise champions?  I know that is one of my goals, to raise smart, caring, earth conscious, healthy kids. 

Pass on by and pay us a visit and leave a comment or two.  We love to hear what you have to say.