Kids Craft: Super Large Card

Recently, the husband of my son's kindergarten teacher passed.   The class wanted to do something special for her, something to let her know they were all thinking about her.   What better way to say it, than with a Super Large Card, signed by every single student in the class!

My little guy and I took the task of making the card and then we took it into his class for every one to sign.  The size was perfect to fit all the wonderful large signatures 5 and 6 year old's tend to make.

I used the same simple idea that we used to make the Mother's Day Card for Abuelita (grandmother.) (seen here)

To make you will need a:
☺blank poster board
☺green marker
☺various colors and patterns of craft paper
☺stamping ink
☺butterfly stencil

Fold the poster board in half.  Then begin by making your super large flowers.  You can do this by either drawing them free hand or by using a large canister as a guide: On the reverse side of each flower, I used as a stencil an empty chocolate canister to draw  a circle and then I drew the loops (petals) for each flower.  To make the center of the flower, I used a smaller canister to trace. 

To make the petals simply draw one in a tear drop shape and then use that one to trace the rest.  Nice and simple.

When you are done cutting all the flowers, center circles and petals, then glue them onto your poster board.  Play around until you find the right spot, before you permanently glue them.  (My little guy took quite a while deciding what will go where.)  Once glued, glue the center on the flower.  Draw your stems using a ruler to guide you.  (I did this for him.) Glue the leaves.

To make the butterflies you can either make your own stencil or use a ready made one.  Place your stencil where you want the butterfly, tape the sides (or hold firmly) of the stencil.  Begin stamping by turning your ink pad over and slowly dabbing it over the butterfly stencil.  When done, remove stencil carefully.  Draw decorative dots around the edge of the butter fly, also add the antennas.

You are all done!  Ready to give to someone SUPER special.


On a side note I am super excited that in August 7 they will be releasing the movie DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX.  We love anything Dr. Seuss.  And since we didn't get to see it in the movie theaters, we can't wait too is it at home, all curled up on our couch, covered with a soft warm blanket and with some yummy popcorn to munch on.  

Here's a little preview:

Happy crafting!