Gardening: Outside, Inside

One of the things I love this time of year, is the planting and gathering of our garden goods.  And that is exactly how we've been spending our days, gardening outdoors a bit here and a bit there and then bringing in doors some of that beautiful nature and sprinkling it through out the house.

The herbs I planted last year are coming back beautiful.  I think this year I'll actually be able to dry enough to gift during the holidays.  (To see how I dry them click here.)  The basil though (an annual) I have been watching grow patiently, since I decided to start it from seed.  It is taking its time, soon enough  we'll be enjoying the lovely flavor it gives to our food.

Do you see some Calla Lilies peaking through?  I am super excited about them.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  I had been meaning to plant some for a long time and finally this spring I did!!!  Oh I just cant wait to see how beautiful they look when they bloom!

Aside from planting lettuce in our usual veggie garden out back, we decided to plant some in planters and keep on the deck for easy access.  Well, it is doing great and we've been eating salad galore around here.  Did you know that if you cut the leaves and leave a bit on its trunk, it will continue to grow through out the season?  Indeed it does.  So don't pull that whole thing, out, leave some and you will see how you have lettuce all summer long.

My hydrangea bush is doing amazing once again this year.  It if at it's fullest.  Filled with vibrant ocean blue flowers.  I plan to clip some and use them to decorate a bit during the kids annual b-day celebration, next week.  On the mean time, I have gathered some and placed them indoors.  Aren't they just breath taking?  They make me happy just looking at them.

The kids and I have also been crafting with some of the nature we've brought indoors.  Have you tried using a leaf as a transfer?  Just place the leaf on the bottom of a blank piece of paper, then rub a crayon (laying flat) over the leaf until you see all the beautiful details on the paper.  How about drying out leaves?  Super simple to do.  You can place them in a leaf and flower press like I've done above (I bought mine on clearance several years ago from a local craft shop), or you can place it between the pages of a large book.  The hard part?  Hearing the kids ask over and over, "Mami, is it dry yet?"  No chiquitos, it is not...not for a week or so.

Hope you are enjoying the out doors and sprinkling bits of it indoors.