Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week came and went and since I had been in a bit of a haze, as I mentioned before here, I was not prepared for it.  No not at all.  And truth be told, I love my little guy's teacher and two aids, so I felt bad not having planned out an elaborate gift.  Thank goodness for friends and Pinterest

One day during my little guy's soccer practice my friend Molly mentioned she was picking up a couple of gift cards for her daughter's teachers.  Great idea!  I'll just pick some up too!  So I did, for my son's teacher and two aids.  When I got to the oh-so-famous coffee place the guy at the window informed me they were out of gift card sleeves.  Really? (I guess many were getting the same gift.)  He then suggested to use their small chocolate cup containers as the sleeve.  Sure, why not, "give them to me." I would figure out what to do with them later.

 Later that night I decided to use the cups after all by simply decorating the outside with a piece of scrapbook paper, a ribbon and tag which I then stamped the word  "Thank You."  I then filled it with paper grass and  inserted the gift card.  Nice and easy.  All done...

Or so I thought, until I realized that I had not made (or purchased) anything for all his resource teachers!!! Oh, no!  What was I to do the night before? And with what I had on hand?  Search through Pinterest of course.  I searched and searched (this is late very late at night, mind you, way past my bed time) until I found an notepad idea I liked.  Problem was I didn't have the time to go to any office supply store to get them made.  Darn it!

I had almost given up, when searching through my craft room high and low, I found a stack of new  notepads I had previously purchased for some these Christmas gifts.   And walla!  I made these...

For the female teachers I stamped a pretty flower with the word "Thanks!"  For the men a cute little dog and the words "Thank You." Then,  I hand wrote on each, "Thank you for being such a great teacher!"  I then signed my son's name (it was late he was in bed, or else I would have had him sign each one individually.)  Finally, I tied a pretty ribbon around it and added a brand new pen to each. 

And this time, I was really done!  Phew!

BTW- these are also perfect as end of the year gifts!  (Wink. Wink.)

What did you gift your kids teachers?  Do share please!