Organizing Lego Manuals

Did I ever tell you my little guy loves Legos?  He sure does.  He can spend hours building and building more.  Some of his results can be pretty darn amazing.  What I don't find amazing are all the Legos spread through out the house.  No-se-rie-no!  But I guess that's a small price to pay (and a lot of complaining to clean up) for letting his imaginations thrive.  Right?  Right.

Like the lego pieces I find all over the place, the lego manuals were also getting out of hand.  I tried keeping them in a clear bag for him, but when ever he took one out, the rest would end up out as well.  Then one day I saw this.   A binder to keep them organized.  Well, now isn't that just a clever idea?  So I got myself working and made one similar.

Using an empty large binder and a three hole punch I began my work.

I hole punched each manual and inserted into the folder.   Because some manuals are too thick, I took them apart and hole punched them separately. 

Finally I decorated the outside of the folder with bright Lego colors and labeled it Lego  Manuals.

When my little guy arrived from school he was excited to find this waiting for him on his bed.  And so far, it has gotten a lot of use and I've not seen one manual laying around the house.  Yey!

Hope your week has been good to you so far.