Listening to Her

(First photo taken my Mr. Sabor a Cajeta)

Of late my life has been in a bit of a haze and my mind preoccupied with just too many thoughts.  When life gets this way, I tend to unwillingly and unconsciously give up on some things and I realize I just have to let go to find some balance.  But when letting go means my  four year old daughter, well, then I am in big trouble. 

You see, she's a spunky little one, a kind hearted soul, a dare devil, and a stubborn little one as well and boy can she have a temper (kind of like her mama), but the truth is it is not often we see that temper, because for the most part she's an easy going child.  

So when the tempers and whinnying started to increase I knew something was wrong.  It took me a while thought to figure this out, with my life being in a haze and all, but after talking over the phone with my dear mami yesterday and explaining (or more like complaining) about my spunky little one's behavior...I realized what I had known all along.

You see, I believe that all children act upon what is going on in their surrounding.  I believe that if we truly stop to listen we can hear loud and clear what they are not telling us.  Especially when a child is a well behaved one.  I also believe that as a parent it is the quality not the quantity of time we spend with our children that is important.  For example, if a parent works all day and can only spend a few hours a day with his child, but truly is present during those few hours, than that is giving a child as much as a parent that may spend all day with said child.  Same goes for the opposite.  If a parent spends all day with his child, but isn't truly present in mind and soul, then that child might as well be alone. 

That is what I heard loud and clear the last few times she misbehaved.  I have been here with her day after day (aside from the few hours a week I leave to work), but I haven't truly be giving her the attention she very well deserves.  I have not been fully present. 

Yesterday after work (and after talking to my mami) I decided to do just that.   I stopped all and spend a full uninterrupted hour with my spunky girl.  I made a mental point to put all worries and to do lists aside and to focus on her and what she wanted to do.  So we headed out doors, rocked on the hammock, talked and talked, played on the swing set, and explored our back yard.  She and I.  Fully present.  Fully enjoying myself. 

It is what she needed, but truth be told, it is also what I needed.

Thank you chiquita for reminding me to stop and listen and to take in all the beautiful world around us through your eyes.  I promise to take the time every day.  You deserve that much and more.

Te quiero mucho!