weekend travelers

This past weekend we had a somewhat unexpected traveling to do.  We love to travel.  This time around though, the traveling was not for fun, but a sad occasion.  Non the less we enjoyed our trip up North.  It is always wonderful to meet up with family.

I have to say I am grateful my little ones are pretty good travelers.  They enjoy it as much as the hubby and I do.  They are always ready for a trip.  And who wouldn't be.  Have you ever traveled through West Virginia's Mountains?  Or Pennsylvania's countryside?  Gorgeous, even in late winter/early spring.  And talk about all those cute quaint little towns all the way up to Pittsburgh.  We always say we need to take more time to stop at some of those antique shops.  We never do.  I can just imagine the treasures I could find.  Some day we will.

For now, we are getting back to our schedule, fighting a bit of colds and getting ready for a little (or shall I say, big boy) b-day coming up soon.  

Happy Tuesday!