i have the right to know: genetically engineered food labeling

 Both of my lovelies have food allergies, one of them more severe than the other.  In fact his allergies are so severe we've ended up in the hospital twice due to allergic reactions to food.  Both time we were lucky he survived.  It is scary.  Very scary to feel you have no control over what is happening to your child.

The minute I fount out I was pregnant with my first baby I did what most mama's do in hopes of bringing a healthy baby into this world.  I changed my diet by eating even healthier than I already did, I also tried to buy more organic food.  Though, at that time that was a bit harder to find locally so it meant taking long trips to places that sold organic products.  That was okay, because darn it, I was going to do everything I could for that sweet being growing in my womb. 

I also ate a lot of peanuts.  I love nuts.  All nuts.  I would eat those yummy peanut butter cups like crazy, and those chocolate covered peanuts, yea those too, and PB&J sandwiches, and during the winter holiday (when you can find a great selections of shelled nuts) I would sit crossed legged and cracked each nut open, pop it in my mouth and savor every bit of it.  After all they did tell me those fats in nuts were good for me.  And they are.

What I didn't know was that a lot of these nuts, especially peanuts are genetically engineered.   Did you?  Don't worry I recently found this out.

And although I did  everything in my power to bring healthy babies into this world.  Both of them have food allergies.  Peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, sesame seeds.  Could it get any worse?  I hope not.

Would it have made a difference, had I known all those nuts I was savoring were genetically engineered?  Probably. 

Would it have changed the destiny of my unborn children?  Maybe.  Who knows for sure.  There still really aren't any answer as to why more and more children are being born with severe food allergies, and some people developing mentioned allergies as adults.  A lot of theories, but no true answers. 

Personally I believe that what we eat has something to do with it.  And because of this I want to know if what I am feeding my family has been genetically engineered.

What about you?

If this is important to you, you have an opportunity to make a difference. 

Go to Just Label it!  and fill out the petition form to urge the FDA to mandate labeling on all genetically engineered foods. You have until March 26.

If we all work together we can make things happen!!