and they keep on growing

Gees Luis!  Our home seems to go round and round with sickness these days.  When we finally think we are all clear of germs, one more gets sick.  Sigh!  I can't wait till regular spring days are here and colds are gone gone gone!  

Now enough with the ranting.  

Aside from us being sick, we also celebrated a birthday this weekend.  My chiquito turned 6. Six!  He is growing up fast.

Like every year on his birthday we celebrated small with a cake and family.  The big party won't be until the summer, when I combine both his and his sister's celebrations.  Our theme:  Pirates and mermaids!  They are looking forward to it, and so am I.  Which reminds me I never posted about last years Western themed party.  (Must do!)  Anyway, back to this weekend celebration, shall we.

Yes, so he is officially six.  My little guy.  He asked for a Transformers chocolate cake.  Nothing fancy.  

To begin with, for his class I made chocolate cupcakes, covered in chocolate frosting.  (Have you ever made the Hershey's chocolate frosting?  It is yummy! And one of our favorites.  Super easy to make.  Just follow the recipe on the back of the Hershey cocoa container.) Then I topped them with little stickers of transformers.  

Neither of my printers have been working correctly lately, so what I did to make the cake toppers (and to keep it as uncomplicated as possible) was buy small rectangular Transformer stickers.  I then cut out small rectangles (slightly bigger than the stickers) out of card stock and then stuck a toothpick between the sticker and card stock.  Finally we wrote his initial to the back of each topper.  

Nice and simple. Just the way I like it.

I made the cake the same way, but instead of using the toppers I made for the cupcakes, I bought small Transformer figures to decorate.  Again, nice and simple.

He was happy, I was happy, we were all happy.  And at the end, that is all that matters.

Happy Birthday to the most adoring, caring, and creative six year old I know! I love you so very much.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Nelly 

 Hasta el infinito y mas!!!

              (aka Mami)