valentine's day lunchbox surprise (a tutorial)

As you know this is my little guy's first year in school.  For Valentine's day I want to surprise him by putting a little something in his lunch box.  I didn't want candy, nor the usual valentine card.  I wanted something special, something that represents us as a family.  So I made him this:

A tri-fold mini card tucked in a pillow box full of heart confetti!  Fun! Fun! Fun! (Sorry cafeteria staff.) 

This is so amazingly easy to make, that you can get it all done the night before and have it ready in the lunch box by love day.  Yes that easy.

Here is the how to.

Materials needed:
♥  one empty toilet paper roll.
♥  a piece of paper to decorate the pillow box.  (about 2 x 6 inches long)
♥  another larger piece of paper to make the tri-fold card.
♥  coordinating scraps of paper to decorate your card. (I ♥ U)
♥  heart hole punch
♥  raffia to tie around the pillow box
♥  craft glue


Begin by folding your larger (but not larger than the pillow box) piece of paper in three.  Like an accordion.

Draw a heart on the opposite side of your folded paper.   To cut the heart (without cutting the connecting parts) make sure to leave a blank space in your heart drawing right where the paper folds.  This helps me a lot, because I often forget I am cutting a tri-fold (or get distracted) and end up with three hearts vs a card!  Ha!

Open up your tri-fold card.  Then round up the edges of the first and last heart.

Now cut your words.  I chose a simple I ♥ U. Easy for him to read (and for me to make.)

Glue them in place and let dry.

While it is drying you can either hole punch a lot of little hearts (circles if you don't have a heart hole punch.) Or you can start working on that pillow box.

I totally love this part! Because you get to turn a simple every day item into something useful and pretty.

Here is a step-by-step:

What once was a toilet paper roll, is now a pillow box!

Okay. Let's decorate!

Take your 2 x 6 inc. long strip and glue it around the outside/center of the pillow box.

Then tie a pretty piece of raffia around the paper.  Knot, and trim the ends. 

Fill it with confetti and place the card inside.  Then place it in your little loved one's lunch box and wait 'till he/she comes home and tells you all about it!  (I can't wait!)

I also made one for my sweet nena so she doesn't feel left out.  I just have to figure out how I'm going to give it to her...maybe on her lunch plate.  We'll see.  

FYI.  I will be adding this tutorial to the Creative Valentine Week section.  You can just click on the button on the left bar which will be up until the end of the week.  After that, you can find it in the tutorial section (click on tab below the blog banner.)

On a different note.  We got some snow yesterday!  But it didn't stick around :(.  The kids were bummed, and honestly I kind of was too.  Now that the kids are older I look forward to playing with them in the snow, even if it is for a little while and the rest of the time I enjoy looking out the window holding a warm cup of tea or coffee.  Ha!  

Hope your having better luck than us.

Happy crafting!