time sure flies

Where has my baby gone?  First kindergarten, now his first tooth is loose! He is growing up way too fast and I mean WAY TOO FAST!  I want time to slow down, I want to savor every bit of his childhood.   I'm scared that one day he no longer will want to bathe me with hugs and kisses!  My baby boy is growing, growing, I tell ya! 

I know, I'm a bit melodramatic, but...the moment he came into my room Saturday morning and the first words out of his mouth were, "Mami, my tooth is loose!"  I just wanted to sink back into my bed and make time stop! I hugged him of course and cheered him on and told him all those wonderful things a  mami tells his excited child loosing his first tooth, but then as the day went on and I would catch glimpses of him playing with his newly loose tooth, I would travel back in time... 

To the day I found out I was pregnant!  When I heard his first cry.  When  the doctor announced, "He's a boy!"  Oh,  back to when I first held that tiny little beautiful being in my arms. So warm, so frail, so, mine.

He is no longer that tiny fragile being.  No.  He sure isn't.  He is strong and smart, and the sweetest little boy (or shall I say big boy) you'll ever meet.   And very much independent.  Little by little he needs me less and less.

And all of these thoughts ran through my mind, just because he announced his tooth was loose.

He is growing up that little boy of mine.  He is indeed.