Sunday night we went to sleep to this praying it would stick around...

Yesterday morning we woke to this:

The kids were beyond ecstatic, as I was for them.   Not too much snow, but enough to play in it for a while. We'll take what we can get. 

This year the snow has been missed a great deal.  (Darn global warming!) But for a morning, before it mostly melted away, a little one got to have some fun in it.

The other one stayed indoors fighting away a cold.  Until mami gave in, because after all, who knows when we'll get more snow, and let her go out to play for just a  few minutes.  Bad. Bad. Idea.  Does that make me a horrible mami?  I hope not.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep last night nursing two very sick little ones.  One fighting two ear infections and the other (my sweet nena) with apparently what they think is walking pneumonia.  Say what?!!!!  I swear she was all bundled up and only played in the snow for a few minutes!

My poor babies!

I hope your week has started in a much much better note!

Hasta pronto,

p.s In case you're wondering, I am feeling much better.  Thank you.