organizing with jars

I love jars!  It is always hard for me to toss them because I know there's always some way I can use them.  Realistically I can't keep them all, so many do end up in the recycling bin, but then there are those lucky ones that get tucked into a closet waiting to be used.

My friend Noelle just gave me the lovely blue ones you see on the photo above.  I love them! And they look perfect on my kitchen windowsill. I can totally picture them full of wild flower clippings come Spring.

The other day I opened mentioned closet, that holds my stash of jars and well, I was overwhelmed by what I found.  At the same time, my mind got into creative mode and started to think of different ways I could make use of them.  Most of the jars once use to hold candles.  Those are the ones I'm the laziest to use because it requires a bit more work to clean them out.  This time though, in the organization/decluttering mode I am in, I challenged myself and got working. 

I began by placing the jars in warm water to allow for all the left over wax to melt.  I then tossed the wax and peeled the labels off.  Before the remaining film of wax  cooled off, I washed each jar with warm water.   

Once cleaned and dry  they were ready to be used.  Hum.  Where to use this lovely jars? One of the shelves in the toiletries/linen closet needed some reorganizing, the perfect place to make use of my newly clean jars!

Can you guess what kind of candle the large jar below held?

Yankee!  Yup, I need to start collecting more of these.  I love the size and the nice tight lid.  It would also be perfect for organizing bits in the craft room or spices in the kitchen. 

Other inspiration around the web to get me going:

In the craft room:  These are all great ways to use jars around the craft room. I especially like the small mason jars and sugar dispenser holding yarn and twine.  Perfect to keep the kid's yarn in place, instead of seeing the ball of yarn rolling all around the craft room, and getting tangled, and knotted, and...well, you get the picture. 

Clockwise from top: Yarn in mason jars homemade simple; jars on shelf inspire co; sugar dispenser real simple; under a shelf country living; sewing kit in a jar martha stewart; attached to the wall homemade simple;  on the table inspire co.

In the office/kids work area: How cute are those farm animal lids!!! 

 Clockwise from top left: animal lids apartment therapy; stack then sideways homemade simple; collection of  collections collection a day 2010; pencil organizer kootut murut.

In the kitchen or in the bathroom:  I'm in love with those shelves made out of old drawers.  I know not exactly jars, but you can display your lovely jars on them. 

Clockwise from left: Displayed in old drawers nest full of eggs; tooth brush/ flower holder etsy; on three tier stand zsa zsa bellagio.

In the garage or tool shed:

baby jar tool organizer homemade simple

Why stop there!  You can spruce up those jars by painting them with bold colors or use some chalk board paint to label them. 

Clockwise from top: blue jars a pumpkin & a princess; white jars and rope too much time on my hands (I WISH!) ; chalk lids wit & whistle; chalk labels apartment therapy .

The possibilities are endless.

Now let's get organized!