one person

A little glimpse of our Valentine's Day.  

It was a nice day indeed,  a bit busy with me working in the morning, then co-hosting  my nene's classroom Valentine's day party later in the day,  piano lessons in the afternoon and finally a trip to the local yogurt place- a fun treat for the little ones and grownups too. (Yes it was cold.) We had fun and the kids loved the out-of-the-ordinary surprise. 

I packed the Valentine treat in my nene's lunchbox as I had mentioned before, and he was surprised!  How I wish I could have seen his expression.  I did however, get to see my spunky nena's when she found hers.  Do you see that beautiful excited smile?  Love it. 

I also tried my first (last minute) attempt on making heart shaped boiled eggs for lunch.  Something I had seen on Pinterest.   I failed miserably.  They were good none the less.

And then yesterday I woke up with the worst back/neck pain ever!  I'm still in pain.  I don't know what caused it, but it hurts like (well you know.)  It was hard to drive.  I did anyway, because I needed to go test some H.S. students.

While I was testing, I saw a magnet on a cabinet. It said:

The picture is blurry because it was hard for me to keep my painful arm still.  (I wasn't sure if I would go back into that particular office, so I really wanted to take the photo before I forgot what it said.)

It says:

to the world
you may be one person, 
but to one person
you may be the world.


I know that their are a lot persons that mean the world to me, especially my hubby and kids.  There are many that have left a mark in my life, as small or big as it may have been, they are part of my world and I cherish them so very much.   It is nice to think that I may be that one person to some.

On another note, I am a super excited and nervous on an upcoming interview I'll be making. I'll be interviewing psychologist Isabel Gomez.  Live! Yes live! Via Skype!  (Ahhhh!)

She is well known in the Spanish speaking Latino community.  She has her own talk radio and is often regarded as "el angel de la radio" (the angel of the radio.)  Her main focus it to help families with different issues.  She's also a great supporter of bilingual education. 

I can't wait!  I hope that by then I am feeling much much better, and that I don't make a fool of myself.  Ha! 

I'll keep you posted as the date nears. As for now I am logging off, my arm is beginning to hurt more.

Have  a nice day!