kids craft: make a play village using Kleenex boxes (and giveaway)

¡Hola!  Hope your weekend was a nice relaxing one.  We stayed indoors just about all weekend.  We read, baked cookies, watch movies together, built forts, and created!  The little ones are still fighting ear infections and colds, but for the most part they are doing much much better.  

Speaking of colds...I have a confession to make.  Though we pretty much have given up on most paper goods around the house, like using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, or using rags instead of paper towels...well, in the runny nose, mucus area, we've not been able to stay away from paper tissues.  Yes, we tried, but between runny noses from colds and runny noses from seasonal allergies, handkerchiefs weren't cutting it.  Really. 

And just like all the many rolls of toilet paper we accumulate and use often to create crafts, we also tend to accumulate quite a bit of tissue paper boxes.  (guilt)  To keep them from ending up in landfills I try to come with different ways of re-using the boxes.  

And that is how our little village was born.

To make it all you need are empty square Kleenex boxes, construction paper, glue, scissors and your imagination.  Nice and simple!

Cover them up, or use the existing pattern to decorate your buildings.  (The two on the left where completely covered with construction paper.  The one on the right, I left the original box design and just added a few details around it.)

You can place them side by side, or stack them up creating tall buildings, lofts even.  What ever your imagination dreams.  

Have fun pretending!


For the second year in a row, the Kleenex Brand is launching a campaign called Sneeze Catchers or “Atrapa Estornudos," to promote to school age children the importance of covering your mouth when sneezing.  Children can learn in a fun way and become certified Sneeze Catchers by going to the official Kleenex Sneeze Catcher website. While there moms can also enter their sweepstake for a chance to win a $500 gift card and a year supplies of tissues.  How cool is that?  (Remember this is all in their official web page.)
Now for that giveaway!

Would you like to win a fun Sneeze Catcher kit?


Kit includes:
  • 1 Sneeze Catcher activity booklet (in Spanish)
  • 2  T-shirts (1 for parent 1 for child in Spanish)
  • 1  String Backpack
  • 1 Sneeze Catcher Silly band pack
  • 1 Auto Pack “Sneeze Shield” (24 sheets 3-ply white tissues)
  • 1 Expressions Upright box (84 sheets 2-ply white tissues)
  • 1 Everyday Tissues Upright box (90 sheets 2-ply white tissues)
  • 1 Ultra Soft Upright box (75 sheets 3-ply white tissue )
  • 1 (8pack) Everyday Tissues Pocket Pack (10 sheets 3-ply white tissue/per pack)
  • 1 Anti-Viral Upright box (68 sheets 3-ply)
  • 1 Tissues with Lotion Upright box (75 sheets 3-ply white tissues)
  • 1 Cool Touch Low Count box (69 sheets 3-ply white tissues)
  • 1 Expressions Oval box (72 2-ply white tissues)
  • 4 Everyday Tissue Wallet pack (10 sheets 3-ply white tissues/per pack)

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment telling me in what other ways you can re-use the empty Kleenex boxes.  That's it!  One comment  only please.  If you make a mistake, please delete comment and enter a new one.  Make sure you leave an email address to contact you if you win. Open to US residents only (sorry.)  Giveaway will be open until Saturday March 3rd. midnight.  Winner will be chosen through Random.com and will be announced on Monday March 5th.  Good luck!