creative valentines week: heart pendant tutorial

Well hello there!  Are you surprised to find two posts for today?  Technically the first one wasn't truly a post, more of an announcement (which by the way, if you entered any of my giveaways last week, you can check here if you won.)

This week I will be focusing on everything Valentine.  From making sweet little things for those you love, to decorating your home.  All simple, yet fun crafts for you and/or your little ones to make.  Make sure to stop by through out the week, there just might be that little something you were looking for to make for V day.

Are you ready?

A perfect gift for a friend, a sister, or mom.  Simple to make and lovely to wear year round, not just on Valentine's Day.


You can pick up the heart pendant just about anywhere.  I can't exactly remember where I bought mine (either Micheal's or Joann's) on clearance.  When I visit any craft store (or any store for that matter) I tend to hit the clearance sections first and see what treasures I can find for a good deal.  I buy them and save them for later. 

The strand I used is from some leather and suede stash my mom gave me years back.  But, you can very well use foe suede for this project.

To assemble the necklace all you need to do is:

That's it.  Easy peasy. 

Tie it in the back with a knot.  Wear it, or gift it to a special friend. I know I will.

Happy crafting,