creative valentine week: tender heart ornament (a tutorial)

Technically, last week was over yesterday and today is almost over.  I know.  I know.  Even though,  I still had two more projects I wanted to share with you, but the last couple of days I've not been feeling to good (migraines) which impedes me to be on the computer for too long.    So here you have me, two days before Valentines Day sharing with you mentioned projects.  Two days is enough, right?  

So you get two tutorials in one day!  Yippe ya yey!

Remember the lovely heart ornaments my friend Carrie was making out of book pages?  As promised, here is that tutorial.

This is a bit different than her's.  I added words to mine, but the process is just about the same. 

♥  old book pages
♥  white crayon
♥  watercolor paints
♥  paint brush
♥  black sharpie
♥  Aileen's clear tacky glue or a glue gun
♥  twine

Begin by drawing spirals onto the book pages.  Like this:

As soon as you draw one spiral paint over with  a brush and red watercolor.   Repeat.  I highly recommend you follow these steps, because the crayon is hard to see.

Once you've completed painting all your roses.  Add the leaves.  Also using a brush and watercolors.

Let them dry.

 Using a stencil (I made my own by folding a piece of paper drawing a heart and then cutting it), begin to trace your hearts onto the painted pages.

Write your words.  One one side (heart) I wrote Love and on the other (heart) Amor.

Before you begin to glue your hearts back to back, make your hanging loops and set them aside.

Glue your hearts back to back (the unpainted sides facing each other), leaving a gap with no glue on top.  This is where you will insert your stuffing and loop.

Insert your loop and glue together.  Hold tight until it is nicely sealed. 

Finish!  Finito!  Listo!  Now go decorate your home...

Now if you don't happen to have any watercolors around, but still would love to make some of these lovely hearts.  Just go for it! It also looks very pretty, see...

What did I tell ya.  So vintage like. 

And what to do with all those lovely painted scraps you have left over?  I know I didn't have the heart (no pun intended) to toss them away.  So I made these:

Book Markers!  Some to give and some to keep!

I'll be adding the second tutorial post tonight!  So don't forget to come back either really late tonight or sometime tomorrow morning.  I'll also be posting a round up of all the tutorials, which you can also access by clicking the Creative Valentine Week button on the left column.  Or by clicking on the tutorials tab above.

Happy Crafting!