a creative weekend

This weekend was spent creating and organizing.  That and keeping up with all the wonderful (NOT!) regular chores of the home.

And really  with the weather we've been having who wants to be outdoors.  Keeping ourselves cozy is our number one priority.  Hot cocoa, hot tea, hot coffee.  Soup, stew...you name it!  Brrr.

I like it when we, when I, create! 

 The kids painted, built new models, and learned new crafts. 

I made myself this lovely so-easy-to-make scarf!   It really is a lot prettier than it seem on these photos.  (A tutorial in the near future?  Maybe.  I'll just need to pick up more of that fancy yarn.)

This weekend I also realized that this month is my bloggiversary!  Three years to be exact.  Wow!  And to celebrate I'll have some goodies lined up here and there for you from now until the end of the month.

For now, time to head to bed and get myself ready for work tomorrow.

Wishing you a great, fun, and cozy week!