enjoying life: one moment at a time

After the craziness of all the crafting and selling at two craft shows back to back this past week, this weekend, we found some moments to take it all in and slow down.  On Sunday I stopped my self from doing more, put everything on hold and let time slow down.  How wonderful that was.  The kids and I enjoyed each other. I made some yummy German pancakes for the first time (you can find the recipe here) and topped them with our deliciously homemade jams and sauces.  We watched some classic black and white Christmas movies and ate some popcorn topped with chile (claro que si!)  I even slowed down to take some photos of our decorated home.  Yes, it feels good to slow down.  Don't you agree?

And this weekend I continued to be amazed by my little guy's creativity.  "Mami, I made you a puppet!"  Yes, you did, in deed.

Now time to start the rushing!