this weekend...

♥ our lovely canning of apple sauce and making of apple crumble pies continued and we aren't done yet.  (Note to self: Do not pick so many apples next year!)
 ♥ finally finished decorating the house.  Yey!  (Kind-a had too with a mini-Halloween party happening this past Sunday.  Ahem.) Some ideas I got from here and here. 
♥ had mentioned Halloween party with a lovely cowgirl, prima ballerina, iron man, super "A", and a very scary (not) ghost visiting.  Fun.  Ghost paper goody bag is very simple to make: I used a sharpy to draw the different faces and then tied it with some raffia.
♥ made that same morning the ghost costume and a skirt and belt for super "A".  (Did I mentioned that the kids were sick the week before?)
♥ baked some goodies for my nene's first school Halloween classroom party.  Helped out during mentioned party (I'm one of the room parents).
♥ Skipped trick-o-treating because of the rain.  Sigh.
♥ this morning I took a deep breath of relief and satisfaction for a lovely weekend- crazyness and all.

But that was only for a moment because now I am running around working on making goodies for my first craft show ever!  I am super excited, even nervous.   Wish me luck, will ya?

Time to make more felted flower hair clips and headbands, and paperclips, and bracelets, and...