spruce up a girls plain denim skirt (a tutorial)

For some odd reason my sweet nena ended up with five denim skirts this fall.  Some with ruffles, others with pleats, but really all of them plain in color.  So I decided I needed to make a little change to one of her skirts.  I took the plainest of them all and spruced it up with some lovely trims I had on hand (and been waiting for the perfect excuse to use!)

It is actually pretty simple to transform any old plain skirt into something you (or your little one) would want to wear.

Here is how:

First thing you'll need to do is sew the ends of the trims with a zig zag stitch.  This will help to keep it from unraveling when you wash the skirt.

Once you've done that, pin the trim to the inside of the skirt.  I pinned mine right where the hem folded.  Then sew with a straight stitch.


First pin the new trim directly over the two seams.  Then sew the new trim with a straight stitch.  First around the bottom edge, then around the top edge.

Now for the back pockets.

Yes I know, I know!  Sew by hand?!  Well my friends, that is the only way I know of adding trim to already sewn pockets.  Anyone know of an easier way?  Please share in the comments.

But once you've sweat a little (or more like poked your fingers a little) you'll have a sweet skirt...

Happy sewing!