pipe-cleaners, cotton balls and bows! (kids christmas craft)

What do you get when you put together pipe-cleaners, cotton balls, and a bow?  A festive Christmas wreath, of course!

It is super simple to make.  My little guy made it pretty much on his own.  I just guided him a bit and the rest was up to him.

Don't be afraid now, call on your little ones and have fun making your own Christmas Wreath!

After gathering all your materials the first thing you'll need to do (if your little one can't cut very well yet) is cut out the center part of the paper plate.  See photo above.  It needs not be perfect because the cotton balls will hide the lovely imperfections.

Now for the fun part:

Start off by twisting each pipe-cleaner into round twirls. Set them aside for later.

Then begin to glue on your cotton balls onto the paper plate.  Our cotton balls were rather large so my chiquito (little guy) pulled them apart two make two.

Keep your cotton balls close to each other, leaving no gaps. 

Now start to glue on the fun twirls leaving a nice space in between each one.  Creating a pattern (I had to say that, my little guy is really into pattern making.  Note how perfect his spacing is between each twirl.)

Make sure to leave a rather large gap between the last two for your bow.

Let dry overnight.  Then hang up in a nice spot in your home (to show off to all of your familia and friends) or give as a gift.

Have fun crafting with your little ones!