birthday girl, I was

So this weekend was my B-day.  I'm getting old.  But, I don't feel old.  I still feel like I'm in my early 20's, yet I am much, much closer to the 40's.  I guess it's true what they say- your as young as you feel.  I truly want to believe it.  So let me dream on!

I'm sure you are dying to know what I got as gifts, right?  (yea, right!)

Well, let me share with you anyway.

First off there is no party, without...


and CARDS!

Now for those big item gifts...

a brand new BED!

a fully loaded CELL PHONE!

the most lovely BOUQUET OF FLOWERS!

a brand new fancy CAR! and lots of lots of LOVE!

Ahem, I think some little ones have been listening and paying close attention to my conversations about needing a new bed and wanting a new iPhone.  Now what about the car?  No idea.  Maybe my little guy thought it would be pretty cool to drive something else rather than a mini-van.  Ha!

I loved my gifts.  This is the first time my little guy takes the time to make such beautiful gifts for me. (Spunky nena tried, but it was a bit difficult without mami's help.  She did pick a lot of those lovely flowers/weeds/leaves you see.) They are truly special gifts.  The best! 

Note: All photos, with the exception of the last one, were taken my my little guy.  Not bad, huh?

Now, just in case you are wondering here are some photos of how we ended up decorating our Thanksgiving table this year.  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my in laws.  So the table decorating was a team work.  I just added the finishing touches.  The  napkin rings/place cards and the Gratitude tree (I used the same idea as our valentine heart tree.) 

The kids helped me make them.  It was pretty easy, I just drew one leaf and then used that as a stencil to draw the rest.  We then colored the edge of each leaf and I then colored the veins.  Finally for the napkin rings/place cards I added each person's name with a bronze marker (mi name didn't fit- too long!)  For the Gratitude tree, we got a branch from our the back yard, and hung the leaves.  Before that though, each guest would write something they were grateful for this year. 

Simple, yet meaningful.  Just like our dinner.

Well then, now I am off to rest on my brand new bed, but not before I make a phone call on my fully loaded new phone and admire my beautiful bouquet.

Here is to a great week everyone!