new look

I guess you can say I might be going through an identity crisis (with the blog that is).  I wanted a new look.  Something clean and simple.  I'm not %100 finished yet (never am), but I am liking where it is heading.

Another new look is my new hair cut. 

I went from this:

Photo taken by my lovely Mami.
To this:

What do you think?  I love short hair and have worn short hair most of my life, but my hubby really likes long hair- so to please him (and to treat myself too) I let my hair grow long (the longest ever).  I loved the way my stylist layered it and how easy it was to style it.  But I was longing for the ease of short hair.  So after promising myself to keep my hair long for a year (I did well keeping my promise) I finally got it cut.

I love it!

And I love the feeling of a new haircut.  It always makes me feel new, fresh, and invincible- like I can take the world on.  Okay I'm exaggerating, but really I do love the feeling I get when ever I get a drastic hair cut.   I feel like a kid again.   Like on the first day of school wearing your freshly new bought outfit.  A new start. Ahhh.

What about you? How do you like to wear your hair?

BTW- it was hard taking photos of myself, plus I always hate the way I look.  Guess one is always the worst critic right?  But, I don't care 'cuz I am lovin' my new hair cut and I am happy.  So there.  Ha.

Hope you are having a good week so far.