i smell apples in the air

 Oh yes indeed!

Though a little late in the season, we finally went apple picking.  A must in our family, since it is a must to make apple sauce every year.  Yum.  So we packed up a lunch and headed out to the beautiful mountains ready to pick and pick and pick.  And pick we did, now I have bags and bags of apples waiting for me to slowly simmer into apples sauce.  Yikes!  So far I've made apple crisp, and added apples chunks to everything! I don't want the apples to go to waste you know. 

While there we also enjoyed the most beautiful views.

Breathtaking I tell ya.  Don't you agree?  How I love the colors!

And really how can one be up in the mountains and not roll down the hills and do a bit of exploring?  A must, I say.

So off I go now to make us some apple sauce.