pillow case dress

During the summer a friend of mine and I decided we wanted to get together once a month and make something crafty.  It is always so much more fun to create with friends.  The chatting, the laughter, and  the creative suggestions makes it all that much more fun than sewing all alone.

Our first project was this simple pillow case dress.

I've had plans to make one for a long time (let just say since my spunky nena was born) and never got to it.  So I thought this was the perfect dress to start our sewing day with.  An easy, uncomplicated sew. Plus, I knew my nena would love it...

...and she does!

Other things we've been up to around this house of ours:
♥ Still getting use to my little nenes school routine.  Especially my nena, she really misses her brother.
♥ Enjoyed a lovely weekend with my hubby, while my mom watched the kids.  Gracias Mami! (She flew all the way from Texas so we could make time for "US".)
♥ Have spend the rest of the week enjoying long talks with my dear mami.  I'll miss her so much when she flies back home.
♥ I just noticed that I really need to get that banner updated!

What have you been up to lately?