just a quick little stop

...to let you know that I am officially a regular contributor for New Latina! 

I have to say this is very exciting for me.  I've been meaning to share the news for some time, but as always life got in the way.  Nimodo.

I'm sure you've heard me write about them here before, or twitt about some of their great articles, and I've also posted several on my Sabor a Cajeta fan page.

New Latina was created by Angélica Pérez-Litwin, a Latina I admire so very much.  I remember when she would talk about creating a site to inspire today's Latina.  And through her hard work she made that dream come true.  Her beautiful dream has grown so much and has helped (and inspires) many Latinas, including my self. One my favorite sections of  New Latina is Ask a Professional where, as Angelica discribes it best " Latina women connect with other professional Latinas and receive advice via an anonymous Question & Answer format on Facebook." How great is that?

So please do stop by and check out my most recent article "Who Knew I Would Love Staying at Home" , and while your at it  take a look around.  You'll want to go back again and again.  I guarantee it.

¡Hasta pronto!