I've been drying them little by little before the winter months come our way (which happen to be right around the corner, I do say.) 

It is mighty easy.  

Just cut, rinse and let them sit out on the sun (or indoors.)  You can hang them to dry or simply place them on a tray (like I've done.)

Some herbs-like rosemary-dry very quickly.  Others-like basil- take a several days to dry, you just have to be a little patient.

I have big plans for all these lovely herbs and lavender.  Aside from using them to enhance flavors in my food, I want to collect enough dry herbs and give some away as gifts come Christmas.  I do think they would make lovely gifts.  How about some lavender satchels for drawers? Or cute cups filled with mint chocolate?  Or simply,  jars filled with herbs and tied with a cute ribbon? The possibilities are endless. 

What are your favorite herbs to dry? Give away?  Any gift ideas?