antique love: sewing machine


This is my White Rotary antique sewing machine.  Not sure how old exactly.  (1940's?)  I LOVE IT! 

(Pardon the dust.  Has been sitting there, put away for a while.)

It was passed down to me by my husband's maternal aunt- it use to belong to his great-aunt.  Being that I am the only one that likes to sew (and loves antiques) in his family- even if it is by marriage. ahem- a while back his aunt asked if I would like the sewing machine.  It would be perfect for sewing heavier fabrics.  Well, how could I say no!  I mean really, would you have?  No way!  She is a beauty.

What I love the most about it is the history behind it.  Knowing that it belonged to my husband's great-aunt and then it was passed down to his aunt Jan, where she, like her aunt sewed garments for her children, linens for the house and so on.  She's also a crafter.  Her quilts are gorgeous!  Anyway, as I was saying, the history behind it, the hours of loved labor creating wonderful things out of simple pieces of fabric. It is just amazing to me. That I, like those two women before me, will also sew on this machine (maybe not as much), but I will.  And maybe, just maybe, one of my two lovelies will also inherit this sewing machine and appreciate it as much as I do, and even sew with it. 

I've yet to use it.  I know, bad me.  But really it all has to do with space.  And at this time it takes up a lot of space for me to put it in the craft room (which is huge to begin with, but aside from being my craft room it is also the kids craft room/play room and the office.) 

Soon enough thougn, I'll have to give it a spin.  In fact I am totally excited that- as I was doing my research to find the year it was made- I found a tutorial on how to thread it! Total coolness! Don't you agree?  I think that is always the tricky part with all the sewing machines. 

But until then, it sits by our bed side as a lovely night stand. 

On a side note:  If you are wondering what is up with that ORANGE WALL?  Well, at one point we used the master bedroom as the guest bedroom and I had it decorated Latin Style, with a collection of handmade crafts from around Latin America, especially Mexico. The color was perfect for how the room was decorated, including the white covers, and nice bright accent colors.  But now?  Well, now that we are actually using it as the master bedroom, it is screaming for a change!!!  I totally want a nice soothing aloevera green.  But with all the "projects" on the list, that is not a priority as of now.  Soon.  Soon.

And in case you happen to have a sewing machine like mine (or simply just curious as to how one threads it) here is that video I mentioned earlier:

I hope you are having a great week so far.  I am (as busy as it's been).  My mom gets here tomorrow.  So I am super excited.  I get her all to myself for a whole week!  Yey!