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Por todos lados!

And in case you haven't figured it out by now...WE-LOVE-TO-READ!.  Not one day goes by when a book, or two- or a HUGE stack of books is read.  Our days include reading.  Our nights end reading.  So when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing Alphabet Woof, well, how could I resist?  And I was even more interested once I found out the book had been translated into Spanish.

Y por si no has adivinado...a NOSOTROS-NOS-ENCANTA-LEER! Ni un solo dia pasa sin leer algún libro, o dos o UN MONTON!  Nuestros dias incluyen leer.  Y nuestras noches terminan leyendo.  Es que cuando me preguntaron si estaba interesada en evaluar Sopa de !Guau!, pues ni como resistir?  Y todavía me intereso mas al saber que el libro avía sido traducido al Español. 

Sopa de ¡Guau! is a cute little book about a dog that had always wanted to talk, and finds himself doing just that after he licks clean an alphabet soup spill.  After everyone's amazement (including Maxi, the dog) he is contacted by an important Hollywood TV producer and is asked to start in his own talk show.  He and his family move to Hollywood, become super duper famous, but soon Maxi realizes he misses talking...to his family.  They leave the fancy life and back home they head again where he enjoys what he always wanted to do...simply talk to his family.

Sopa de ¡Guau! se trata de un perro que quiere hablar, y precisamente eso le pasa cuando lambe el piso, una sopa de letras que se callo. Todos quedan sorprendidos (incluso Maxi, el perro).  Al poco tiempo un productor de la tele le llama con la idea de empezar su propio "Talk Show"  y al aceptar Maxi y su familia se mudan a Hollywood, se vuelve super famoso.  Pero con el tiempo el se da cuenta de que extraña estar en casa compartiendo y hablando solamente con su familia. 

The book is full of wonderfu illustrations and easy to follow.  My kids really enjoy reading it. 

El libro esta lleno de ilustraciones coloridas y es fácil de seguir.  A mis hijos les gusta que se lo lea.  

Alphabet Woolf is written by Sherrie A. Madia and the help of her two daughters.  How cute is that?  Here is a little interview she so graciously agreed to do.  Enjoy.

Sopa de !Guau! esta escrito por Sherrie A. Madia y la ayuda de sus dos hijas.  Que bonito, no?  Aqui los dejo con una entrevista que acepto hacer con migo.  Disfruten.

(Para mis lindos lectores que hablan Español, disculpen pero la entrevista solo es en Ingles.)

SAC: How long have you been writing for?
SM: I have been writing since I was a small child. I would entertain myself by writing down stories I heard or ideas that caught my fancy. I would keep it all in a pink pocket-sized diary that I kept by my bedside.

SAC: What inspired you to write a book for children?
SM: My children, of course. When my youngest, Anna, was quite young, we made up a story together about a dog who ate alphabet soup and then started to talk. We wrote it on a scrap of paper and I tucked it away. That was more than 10 years ago. As my girls started growing up, I was looking for a way to keep us involved in each other’s lives—so writing a children’s book together made perfect sense. We have had so much fun as a family, and we all learned a lot as well.

SAC: Why did you decide to translate it into Spanish?
SM: My background is in intercultural communications, and what many people don’t realize is how important culture is to shaping who we are and how we navigate through the world—so we don’t want to lose our heritage. I do a lot of work in communities where Spanish language is dominant for children—but the selection of books in Spanish is never ideal. So, I knew I wanted to create a book that would incorporate Spanish into story time to make the experience of a parent reading to a child even more meaningful.

SAC: Do you speak another language? Are you raising your girls bilingual?
SM: I speak Spanish, Italian and French—más o menos—none of them perfectly. I want my girls to grow up bilingual, so I incorporate Spanish in our conversations so that they will be fluent. And I practice myself all the time—my grammar needs some work. Of course, as young teenagers, my girls don’t have a lot to say to me in any language—but I continue to try!

SAC: What is a typical day in the life of Sherrie as a mama?
SM: Running, running, running! We have very full schedules and could easily go without stopping to notice one another. But I try to incorporate small touches to our days that let my girls know how much I love them. Making lunches for my girls is one way I do this. About a year ago, I started drawing small pictures and notes on their lunch bags to liven them up. I didn’t think my daughters even noticed. But when I mentioned that they may be too old for this, both girls said, “We look forward to our lunches each day and so do our friends.” So it’s the little things that make the big difference.

SAC: How do you balance work and motherhood?
SM: Very carefully. I have been a single mommy for more than a decade, and I can say from experience that timing is everything. Single parents face challenges that two-parent families do not. For example, down time is rare, and keeping work, school, and home working smoothly means always paying attention. But the trick is to remember that it’s okay if a few things don’t get done. And if things aren’t perfect, well that’s just life. Laughter is our secret weapon. On any given day—good or bad—you will hear laughter in our house. A sense of humor is like a suit of armor for whatever life will send your way. My girls know how to laugh—at themselves and at life—so I never worry.

SAC: Do you have plans to write more children books?
SM: We do! My daughters and I are working on “Moxy’s Family-Time Cookbook” which will have fun and easy recipes for the whole family—including recipes for dog treats!—we had to include our four-legged friends.

But we are most excited about our brand new book called “Bumblelina” (http://www.Bumblelina.com) which has just been released. This is a book about a tiny bee who wishes she could fly—and learns the importance of trying. The book is illustrated with black and white sketches and just one hidden spot of color on each page, which we think children will find especially fun.

Like “Alphabet Woof!” a portion of the sale of Bumblelina goes to support the SPCA International, so we can continue to help animals in need.

Thank you Sherrie!

Gracias Sherrie!
And now for that giveaway:
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Sherrie has generously sent me an extra book (in Spanish) for one of my readers to win!

Sherrie me ha mandado otro libro (en Español) para que se lo gane uno de mis lectores!

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