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Here on the weekend?  I know, crazy right.  But I  wanted to make a quick stop and share with you about my friend Maura Hernandez and her blog:  The Other Side of the Tortilla.  A cooking blog of traditional and delicious Mexican meals.  If you love homemade-yummy-food like I do, then you need to stop by her place.  Her writing and recipes are easy to follow, and mighty inspiring.  Maura also recently started vlogging.  And boy, is her video great.  I can't wait to see more.

¿Aquí en fin de semana?  Increíble, ya se.  Pero quería compartir con ustedes acerca del blog The Other Side of the Tortilla, de mi amiga Maura Hernandez.  Es un blog de cocina y recetas de comida Mexicana.  Es que si te gusta la comida, sabrosa y casera, pues tienes que pasar a conocerla.  Su forma de escribir (todo en ingles, lo siento) y recetas son fácil de entender y seguir.  Hace poco también Maura empezó a vloguear (usar video en su blog).  Me encanto su primero y espero ver mas.

Did I convince you to go visit her?  So what are you waiting for, go check out The Other Side of the Tortilla!

Que tal, te convencí de ir a visitarla?  Pues que esperas, ¡checa The Other Side of the Tortilla!

But before you go I leave you with a cooking presentations she did this past Friday at Blogalicious.

Pero antes de irte, te dejo con este vídeo de una presentación de cocina que izo este viernes en Blogalicious.

(And a great ¡GRACIAS! to Maura for mentioning me.  ;)


Did you know that from September 15 to October 15 Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated here in the US? Thought I personally think we should be celebrated every day (lol), I love that we have a whole month to shout-out our pride.  And proud I am to be a Latina!

Kroger Co has joined the Celebrations for the second year with  http://bit.ly/celebratetheamericas.
Check it out.  And if you are as crazy about coupons and good deals as I am, you will be happy to know they sent out (to those that have an MVP card) a boat load of coupons for Latin foods.  I got mine a while back and have used many of them.  And guess what?  They even had them written in both languages.  Pretty cool.