Yummy Cajeta

If you've visited my blog or have ever heard the word Cajeta and wondered: "What is that?" Well, wonder no more and check out this great piece about cajeta (my family's fave) that Ana Lilian wrote in the Culture of Food for Spanglish Baby. She even included my cafe con cajeta recipe! How exciting!
:: Si al visitar mi blog se han preguntado que significa Cajeta. Aquí Ana Lilian describe muy bien el significado de Cajeta e incluye unas buenísimas recetas, en Spanglish Baby. Hasta incluyo en su lista mi receta de cafe con cajeta! Que padre!

M,m,m. I can't wait for morning to make myself some cafe con cajeta!
:: Mañana a primera hora mi cafécito con cajeta. M,m,m!