Today was a very sad day. Late last night, I found out that my best friend's two year old little girl has some sort of mass growth in the base of her brain. My friend had called me weeks before and mentioned how her little girl had not been feeling well. She had headaches and would vomit and not want to eat. We figured it was a virus and as the days went by and this continued to happen off and on we began to worry, but both of us (and all her family for that matter) kept looking at all possibilities with fear to truly imagine the unimaginable. I know this is hard for my friend. I wish I was there to hug her, kiss her and just...be there. Times like this is when distance becomes such a burden (We are on completely opposite sides of the country). Yet how can I let her know that my heart, mind and prayers are with her and her family? Words aren't enough at times, especially times like this.

Through out the day little L (my friends daughter) was going have several tests done, including and MRI. I am waiting to find out what the results are. I pray and pray that all will be well. No matter what, she will have to undergo surgery to remove the mass growth.

Please friends, family and loyal readers pray for little L, my friend and her family. I believe that prayer can move mountains and the more of us pray the louder it will be. God has to hear that, right?

Comadre, amiga, I am with you.