No mami, mi Easter, no!...

I was surprised when little R said it as I put away the Easter decorations. It is the first year he notices and cares. It made me sad to put them away. I explained to him that we would bring them all back out next year and the year after and the year after that. That didn't make him feel any better. Mami was putting away his Easter. Me rompio el corazon (he broke my heart).

This was one of my best Easters ever by far. Full of smiles, full of kisses and full of Egg Hunts! Yes you heard right. Three to be exact. A and R loved every one of them. It is so different to view the holidays through your little ones eyes. There is so much joy and wonder.

We started off the Easter weekend at my local moms club Easter Egg Hunt. This was great practice for baby A. At first it was too cute to see her trying to bend and get the eggs in her pink tin can. By the last day she had it down! Que orgulloza estoy de ti mi nena (I am so proud of you, mi nena).

Then we headed out to NC to visit with Aunty N. It was a perfect clear spring weekend. Everything was in bloom and it made for great pictures.

Saturday we attended another Egg Hunt and then on Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful Easter Service at Duke Chapel. It is the second time I visit Duke University. A lovely place and a perfect place to take pictures of flowers, trees, old buildings, you name it. I wish we would have had more time to visit their gardens. But we had so much fun eating our lunch at a cool outdoor swing/gazebo type of picnic table. I know, it sounds crazy and odd and it sure is hard to describe. I should have taken pictures of it. Next time I visit.

And after lunch little R decided to run around the nearby outdoor stage. A followed and then cousin G. They were having so much fun, we stayed there for quite a while taking pictures of them playing...

...and A trying to imitate everything her big brother does. Here she is walking on the edge of some stairway (with the help of grandpa). I love those sweet chubby piernitas (legs).

I even remembered to take a picture of me. Or my feet. See my toenails? The plan was to get them polished. Never had the time. That is the story of my mami life. Get the little ones all cute and ready and then you are out the door, camera on hand, taking a picture of your feet and realize. Hijole! I forgot my toenails. Nimodo.

Photo taken by my hubby

But who cares about pretty polished toe nails when you can get besos (kisses) like this everyday all day! Yo no (not me).

Ah it was a lovely Easter indeed.